recherche emploi femme de chambre extra site de rencontre de musulman gratuit TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS

    • Local channels number: 4 
    • Types of measuring local channels; frequency input, impulse counter, trigger event 
    • Multiplexer channels number: up to 256 
    • Type of measuring multiplexer channels: 4-20mA, V, mV, mV/V, Pt100, Hz, NTC 
    • Supply: 12 Vdc battery (Optional 110/220 Vac) 
    • Absorption: 100uA in standby
    • Measurement resolution: 16 bit
    • Operating temperature: -20 /+70 C° 
    • Temperature stability: +15ppm/C max 
    • Absolute tolerance value of the measure: 0,1% min.
    • Sampling period preset: 1/59 min, 1/23 hours, 1/10 days 
    • Memory: 1 Gb 
    • Number of stored acquisitions: more than 2.000.000 in 256 channels 
    • Read/written data frequency: 1 MHz 
    • Battery life: 1 year min. with 4 acq. per day for 256 channels 
    • Sensors supply voltage: +20V, -/+12V, +5V, +5Vac 
    • Protection: IP66

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    • Remote via SD card 
    • Optional discharge data remotely via radio 
    • Optional real-time data visualization to a PC via USB port 
    • Type of manual acquisition of every single channel
    • Serial connection RS232 
    • USB connection
    • Internal clock
    • Icd display 16 * 4 characters 
    • Alarm output 8A 50 Vac 0 75 vdc


agence de rencontre riviere du loup INSTRUMENTS COMPATIBLE

    • inclinometers and pendulums
    • piezometers 
    • load cells 
    • Crackmeters 
    • Thermistors 
    • Hydrological instruments 
    • Meteorological instruments



    • impulse pluviometer
    • alarm triggered instruments 
    • impulse or digital hydro geological instrumentation 
    • impulse or digital meteorological instrumentation



    • Dimensions 396 x 474 x 160 mm
    • Weight 14,8 KG



Datalogger 8/256 channels multifunctional G601 Earth System

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