• Power supply: 12Vdc. Optional 110/220Vac or solar panel 
    • Current power supply: 30μA in standby 
    • Operating temperature: -20° C +70° C 
    • Protection: defined by box type 
    • Digital Local Inputs: 2 channels, trigger, pulse counter, frequency 
    • Local Analog Inputs: 2 channels, 4-20 mA, 0-3 Vdc, 0-10 Vdc
    • Digital Local Outputs: 2 alarm, relay contact max 24Vac/dc 3A, 2 static switch, 12V 0,3A
    • Local Analog Inputs: 2 Channels, 4-20mA / 0-3Vdc / 0-10Vdc 
    • Digital Local Outputs: 2 Allarm, Relay contact max 24VAC/DC 3A, 2 static switch, 12V 0,3A 
    • Communication ports: 1 Ethernet
    • 2 RS485 isolated: 2 RS232, 1 Dust Network external radio module 
    • User Interface: 128x64 backlit LCD display - 12 buttons keypad 
    • Memory: SDcard, USB memory-stick 
    • Data acquisition method: locally via SDcard, locally via backup USB memory stick, optional remote data download via GPRS/UMTS, remote data download via ethernet 
    • Ethernet type of connection: Local Web server with module remote control, FTP local server (FTP access to the module), FTP client (automatic data download to the FTP server) 
    • Number of stored acquisitions: More than 2.000.000 in the maximum configuration 
    • Read/written data frequency: 1MHz
    • Data backup: SDcard and USB memory stick  

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    • Power supply: 12Vdc. Optional 110/220Vac or solar panel 
    • Current power supply: 30uA in standby. Zero in connection RS485 
    • Operating temperature: -20 to +70 °C 
    • Protection: defined by the box type
    • MUX channels number: 4+4, 8+8, 16+16 
    • Measuring type: V, mV/V, 4/20mA, VW, Pt100, NTC
    • N° Multiplexer supported: Up to 256 for a port RS485, max 512
    • N° Channels supported: Up to 32 for MUX, max 16320 
    • Measurement resolution: 24 Bit V, mV/V, 4/20mA, Pt100, NTC 0.1Hz, - W
    • Supply voltage: +20V, +12V, +/-12V, +5V
    • MUX communication type: RS485, Dust network

si de rencontre totalement gratuit mux g801  4 channels MUX for G801



Datalogger 8/256 channels multifunctional G601 Earth System

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