(Distributor for the Russian Federation)

Rozhdestvenskaya str, 6B

Nizhny Novgorod 603001

T. +7 831 433 22 63 (linea diretta) - F. +7 831 433 34 91




Distributore Earthsystem Federazione Russa


Omran Geo Pad

(Exclusive Distributor for Iran)

Address: No. 27, 2nd 8 m, Abozar Allay, Azadi Blv, Tabriz, Iran

T./F.: +98 41 3294940




 Omran Geo Pad

Civil Engineering Instrument Services Co.



High Tech XXI

(Exclusive Distributor for Kazakhstan)

22 General Sabyr Rakhimov street, indoor premise No.17,

Astana, the Republic of Kazakhstan, 010000

T. +7 7172 94 65 14



Distributore Earthsystem del Kazakhstan

Campbell Scientific do Brasil Ltda.

(Exclusive Distributor for Brazil)

Rua Apinajes, 2018  

CEP 01258-000 Sao Paulo-SP Brasil

T. +55 11 37323399

F. + 55  11 37323398 

 Logo Distributore Brasile


Metesco Nederland BV

(Distributor for the Benelux, Germany, Denmark and Scandinavian countries)

Oosterparkweg 35G

2985 SX, Ridderkerk The Netherlands

T. +31 78-6511117 , F. +31 78-6177766



Distributore Earthsystem nei Paesi Bassi







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