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    • Models   CAV-02-2P-CP, CAV-02-2P-PZT, CAV-01-4P-SG, CAV-01-4P-485, CAV-03-6P-CC, CAV-06-10P-00, CAV-04-16P-00, CAV-05-32P-00
    • Type 1, 2, 8 , 16  twisted pair 22 AWG e a 4, 6, 10 conductors  22 AWG
    • Polyethylene single conductor insulation
    • PUR (POLIURETANO) or PVC external insulation 
    • Nylon tube for atmospheric pressure compensation 
    • Polyester/aluminium film on each single pair
    • Tin-coated copper wire or tape
    • Polyethylene strain- relief reinforcement
    • Electrical conductivity resistance Ω/km 53 Ω/km at 20°C
    • Operating temperature from -40 /100 °C to -30 /70 °C

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    • Outer sheath diameter in mm 5,1-5,9-5,5-7,0-6,4-7,5-10,1-12,3 mm +/- 0,2 mm

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