• Measuring range: from 100 to 500 tons 
    • Full scale output: 2mV/V +/- 10% 
    • Power supply: 5-10 V 
    • Insulation resistance: >5GΩ
    • Wheatstone bridge resistance: 350Ω 
    • Combined error: <+/- 0.1% F.S. 
    • Non-repeatability: <+/-0.03% F.S.
    • Operating temperature: -20C° to +70C° 
    • Maximum admissible load: 150% F.S. 
    • Ultimate tensile strength: >300% F.S. 
    • Protection class: IP67 
    • Material: stainless steel

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    • 100kN dimensions 135(A)x100(B)x175(C)x75(D) mm
    • 200kN dimensions 135(A)x100(B)x175(C)x75(D) mm
    • 300kN dimensions 135(A)x100(B)x175(C)x75(D) mm
    • 500kN dimensions 180(A)x140(B)x220(C)x75(D) mm

click over here now Dimensions Electric compression load cell Earthsystem
Dimensions in mm

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Electric compression load cell Earth System

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