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    • Piezoelectric sensor 
    • Full scale 0.35 - 700 bar absolute and relative 
    • Overpressure 2x F.S. 
    • Power supply 8-28 V DC 
    • Output 4-20 mA 
    • Non linearity +/-0.1 % F.S.
    • Repeatability +/-0.01% F.S. 
    • Total thermal error <0.04% / °C. 
    • Long-term stability 0.1% F.S./1 year
    • Insulation > 100 MΩ 
    • Operating temperature from -40 to +125 °C 
    • Protection class: IP68 
    • Material: stainless steel

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    • dimensions (mm) 21 x 74
    • weight (g) 325 Eletric piezometer Earth System
Detail of electric piezometer

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Electric piezometers Earth System

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