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Analogic uniaxial el-tiltmeter

The El tiltmeter is an ultra-high precision instrument with a narrow measuring range able to measure the change in inclination of the structure to which is fixed. It is widely used for monitoring the walls of building and viaduct piling.

It consists of aluminum casing housing the sensor of which the output signal is proportional to the instrument’s angle of inclination in relation to the vertical plane. It can either be fixed to an aluminum bracket of variable length or to indiviual base.

The adjustment inclination system allows to be positioned the sensor with extreme precision at the right zero inclination.


  • Type of sensor: uniaxial electrolytic;
  • measuring range: +/- 3°, +/- 1°, +/- 0,5°;
  • Repeatibility: +/- 0.0009° % F.S.;
  • Resolution: <0.0003°;
  • Power supply voltage: 9-24 VDC;
  • output: 0-5 VDC;
  • Operating temperature: from -20°C to +55°C;
  • Temperature sensor: NTC,


  • Casing material: anodized aluminum
  • Casing dimensions: 140x78x58
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