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Fixed inclinometer for borehole

The fixed borehole inclinometer probe is used for continuous monitoring of landslides, slopes, retaining structures and embankments.

This instrument has been designed for measuring deformation in the horizontal plane.

It is positioned at given heights inside inclinometric casings fixed to the ground or to the structures for which rotation in relation to the vertical plane must be measured.

A system with fixed inclinometers consists of several probes installed inside an inclinometer casing so as to measure the entity of the local and integral movements along the entire casing.

The operating principle of the Mems sensors ensures good thermal stability and linearity.

This technology also guarantees high resistance to accidental impact. The sensors are sealed in resin and withstand high pressure conditions.


  • Type of sensor: biaxial
  • Measuring range: +/-10°, +/- 20°, +/-30°;
  • Signal output: 4-20 mA
  • Power supply voltage 12V DC
  • Resolution: 0.001°
  • Non linearity: <0.25% F.S:
  • Overall thermic drift of the instruments: <+/-0.002°/°C
  • Material: casing in AISI 316 stainless steel


  • Probe dimensions: Diameter 30 mm, lenght 1400 mm
  • Slide wheel pitch: 1000 mm
  • Slide unit material: AISI 316 stainless steel with 1000 mm wheel pitch
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