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Digital el-tiltmeter

El Tiltmeter is a high precision instrument from the measuring field content, which measures the change in inclination of the structure on which it is fixed. Consist of an aluminum body containing 2 sensors, one for the x-axis and one for the y-axis, whose output signal is proportional to the angle of inclination of the instrument relative to the horizontal.

It may be fixed to a aluminum bracket of length variable or on single base spherical joint for the best positioning in space.

The output signal of the instrument is digital in RS485.

The advantage of using RS485 digital output allows you to streamline the wiring, simply being able to use a 4-pin cable for communication and power supply of each sensor.

All instruments are connected to the data logger G801, which is able to handle 2 distinct RS485 digital outputs and 2 digital outputs RS232 (through the use of optically isolated RS232/RS485 converter). For a buyer you can connect up to 255 elettrolivelle for each channel, for a total, in the maximum configuration, of 1020 to system sensors.

For each distinct tiltmeter you can set pre-alarm thresholds and alarm, with the possibility of e-mail send. In addition you can activate 2 Hardware controls ‘on / off’ for the management of emergency units such as traffic lights, access barriers and warning sirens.


  • Type of sensor: biaxial electrolytic;
  • Measuring range: +/-5°, +/-10°, +/-14,5°;
  • Resolution: better than 6°x10-4;
  • Repeatability: 0,015% F.S.;
  • Power supply voltage: 12/24 V DC;
  • Output signal: RS485 modality;
  • Operating temperature: from -40° to +85°C;
  • Thermal drift: 0,1%/°C;
  • Type of installation: Horizontal;
  • Protection class: IP 68;
  • Integrated temperature sensor.


  • Maximum tiltmeter : 255 tiltmeter;
  • Maximum tiltmeter configuration for system: 1020;
  • Total channels for datalogger: total 4 channels; 2 direct channels, 2-channel RS232 / RS485 converter;
  • Power datalogger: 12 Vdc typical;
  • Maximum length RS485 communication cable channel: 1200 m.


  • Casing dimensions: 126x80x59 mm
  • casing material: anodized aluminum
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