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Electric load cell for tunnel linings

The electric load cell for tunnel linings is a special instrument formed by a cylindrical steel casing sensitized by a set of strain gauges in a full Wheatstone bridge configuration so as to supply a load –proportional electric signal and increase the accuracy by reducing the sensitivity of the instrument to temperature variations. Installed at the base or between the jointing plates of metal linings, it measures the axial load to which the metal structure is subjected.


  • Measuring range: 1900-3000 kN;
  • Nominal sensitivity: 2.0 mV/V +/-0.1%;
  • Cell plate: sensitized with 16 strain gauges;
  • Repeatability: >+/-0.02% F.S.;
  • Admissible load: 150% F.S.;
  • Ultimate tensile strength: 300% F.S.;
  • Protection class IP67;
  • Electrical power supply: 5-10 V DC;
  • Full scale output: 2mV/V +/- 10%;
  • Power supply: 5-10V;
  • Material: stainless steel;
  • Operating temperature: -20/+70°C;
  • Maximum deflection under load: 0.4mm;
  • Insulation: >5,000 MΩ;
  • Temperature compensation: -10/+60 °C;
  • Temperature effect on 0 (5°C): <± 0.02% F.S.;
  • Temperature effect on sensitivity: (5°C) <± 0.002% F.S.


Cell plate 1900 kN

  • plate diameter (A): 240 mm
  • thickness (B): 40 mm

Cell plate 3000 kN

  • plate diameter (A): 300 mm
  • thickness (B): 40 mm
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