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The ABS inclinometer casing with smooth outer sides can be equipped with magnetic or brass rings installed beforehand 1m from each other, and allows deformation along the axis of the casing itself to be assessed. Thus integrated, the inclinometer casing allows displacements along its main axis to be detected when a removable strain gauging system is installed (probe, cable and controller which measures the distance between two successive rings), as well as displacements along the axis or along the plane perpendicular to the main axis when a removable horizontal or vertical inclinometer is used.

Once the reference measurement has been made (zero point), the successive measurements will indicate the deformation sustained by the medium in which the casing is installed (e.g. soil, rock, concrete, etc.) over time. Both local deformation, i.e. at the depth in question, with a minimum 1 meter interval for the extensometric part and 0.5 meters for the inclinometric part, and cumulative deformation, considering one end of the casing as being fixed and adding the local displacements together.
This means that the same casing can act as an incremental extensometer (if only the strain –gauge probe is used for measuring), a 2D extensor-inclinometer (if installed in a horizontal borehole and the measurements are taken with a strain-gauge probe and a horizontal monoaxial inclinometer probe) and a 3D extensor-inclinometer (if installed in a vertical borehole and the measurements are taken with a strain-gauge probe and a biaxial inclinometer probe). Just as the classic inclinometer casing, the tubes must be fitted together with coupling sleeves and must be installed in boreholes of the right diameter. Once the casing has been inserted, the gap between it and the side of the borehole must be filled with cement, sand or gravel so that it remains firmly in position and able to ensure accurate measurements.


  • Material: ABS
  • Type: 70
  • A (inner diameter mm): 60.0
  • B (outer diameter of grooves mm): 70.0
  • C (inner diameter of grooves mm): 64.0
  • Tube length m: 3.00
  • Thickness mm: 5.0
  • Coupling sleeve (outer diameter mm): 76.0
  • Weight: 1.6 Kg / m


Material Brass PVC
Inner diameter of ring mm 72.5 72.5
Outer diameter of ring mm 85 92
Ring thickness mm 35 50
Weight 362 250
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