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Fixed data acquisition unit

This multichannel acquisition system 24 bit properly designed to satisfy the seismic and accelerometric monitoring requirements, suitable for long term monitoring with stable configuration inside dams and structures.

The high resolution and flexibility of use allows acquiring equally well microseismic, broad-band and strong-motion signals.

This system allows to join up to 48 channels in multiples of 6 positioned in a single metallic cabinet provided for wall or floor fixing.

LAN connection communication system. Connection to remote system is provided by HSDPA/UMTS, GPRS/GSM, OPTICAL FIBER MODEM, WiFi and VHF.

It is equipped with optical modems allowing fast data transfer

The management software integrated with VIBROSOFT data processing software allows to build up efficient dynamic monitoring networks.


  • Input Channels: up to 48 channels
  • configuration: standalone or multi-station network
  • timing: internal RTC updated via GPS or remote control-simultaneous sampling
  • triggering mode: threshold level and/or STA/LTA, selectable for each channel
  • recording mode: internal/external trigger, selectable post-trigger lenght. Recording of weighted pick values (min-max), according to DIN 4150 part II, selectable 1 to 100 s
  • data storage: 2 Gb internal memory card for 6 channel group (till to 32 Gb optional)
  • diagnostics: battery voltage, temperature, sensors test
  • power consumption: 2 W for 6 channels group (active)
  • communication: ethernet TCP/IP via cable/wireless, modem GPS, USB 2.0, UMTSH-SDPA


  • converter: individual 24-bit Sigma/Delta for each channel, with DSP each 6 channels, integrated digital antialiasing up to 48 channels
  • channels input level: 5 Vdc, 20 Vdc, differential Input
  • calibration: built-in
  • sampling: selectable from 10 Hz to 8 kHz
  • bandwidth: Dc-4000 Hz
  • dynamic range: > 134 dB
  • programmable gain filter anti aliasing: 1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128 digital filter frequency attenuation by Nyquist (1/2 sample rate) >-120 dB, cut frequency 0,4 of sample rate


  • GPS antenna: GPS time synchronisation, RS -422 interface
  • power: 10 Vdc (adapter 120/240 Vac optional), automatic turn Off when battery <10,2 V, turn On>11,8 V
  • seismic sensor: seismometers, accelerometers Force Balance, ICP, piezoelectrics MEMS, geophones
  • other interfaces: ethernet TCP/IP by cable, radio wireless, modem GPS


  • Dimension: 650x400x250 mm, 400x400x250 mm
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Container features: metallic cabinet, protection IP 65
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