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Flat jack

The flat jack consists of two steel plate welded together along the edges (total thickness of jack is 4.00 mm).

Two metal tubes welded to the jack are used for connecting to the pressurizing unit.

Each individual part of the instrument (plate, welds, metal tube) is tested at pressure to make sure that the seal is perfect under test conditions.

The flat jack test is used to measure axial stress (perpendicular to the shear plane) on the surface portion of the tested structure (masonry or concrete).

There are different thicknesses of the individual plate and different forms depending on the application.

Accessories: pressurization pump performance testing, digital mechanical removable deformeter to measure the deformation, electric cutter, pressure trasducer or pressur gage.


  • Material: steel
  • Measuring system: with pressure gauges and/or electric pressure transducers for long-term monitoring.


Jack plate (dimension mm) Shape Thickness singolar plate (mm) Maximum operating pressure bar Use
350 (A) x 260 (B) semi-circular ’20/10 400 concrete
350 (A) x 260 (B) semi-circular ‘8/10 100 concrete/masonry
350 (A) x 180(B) semi-circular ‘8/10 100 concrete/masonry
335 (A) x 130 (B) semi-circular ‘8/10 100 concrete/masonry
400 (A) x 200 (B) rectangular ‘8/10 100 concrete/masonry
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