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Hydraulic load cell for tunnel linings

The hydraulic load cell for steel linings is a special instrument formed by steel plates welded along their perimeter and separated inside by a cavity saturated under vacuum with de-aired oil to garantee maximum rigidity.
The applied load is trasferred by means of oil, to an electric transducer that allows measurements to be obtained in the manual or automatic mode.
Installed at the base or between the jointing plates of metal lining, it measures the axial load to which the structure is subjected.


  • Measuring range: 1350-1900-3000 kN;
  • Type of sensor: piezoresistive;
  • Output signal: 4-20 mA (2 wires);
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5% F.S.;
  • Electrical power supply: 8-32 V DC;
  • Ultimate tensile strength: 200% F.S.;
  • Admissible load: 150% F.S.;
  • Protection class: IP 68;
  • Material: Aisi 304 stainless steel;
  • Operating temperature: from -40° C to 105°C.


  • diameter of load cell plate (A): 200 mm
  • total cell diameter (B): 225 mm
  • thickness (C): 40 mm
  • pressure transducer dimension: 70 x 20 mm
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