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Inclinometer casings

Inclinometer casings have 4 internal grooves at 90 degrees from each other, which quide the inclinometer probe. Fitted together with the couplings, they form the inclinometric system.

The casing can be:

  • lowered into specially prepared boreholes where the gap between the casing and borehole wall must be filled with a cement-based mixture or gravel so that the casing stays firmly in place and the sub-surface ground and soil movements can be accurately measured.
  • fixed to the reinforcements of retaining wall piles and bearing structures.Inclinometer casings are used for monitoring landslides, warping retaining wall or in horizontal installations for measuring subsidence along the main axis of the casing itself.

They are available in aluminium or ABS and PVC without grooves on the exterior.


Material ID mm (A) OD of groove mm (B) ID of groove mm ( C) Lenght m Thickness (mm) OD coupling (mm) Weight kg/m Minimum diameter drilling (mm) Collapsing pressure test (bar)
Aluminium 76,1 86,4 82 3 2,2 92 1,5 101
ABS 60 70 64 3 5 76 1,0 101 9
PVC 57 70 61 3 6,5 70 1,8 101 31
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