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Magnet Extensometer

Magnet extensometer is utilized for measuring the entity of settlement or ground raising after the construction of dam, embankment or excavation.
The settlement column consist of:
1) PVC bottom end, length 1000 mm, where inside can slide the access tube. The pointed end helps the introduction inside the drilling. On the terminal upper end is fixed the reference magnetic ring.
2) Polyethylene deformable corrugated sheat and jointed, on the outside surface can fixed the magnetic rings.
3) Rigid access tube length 1,5-3,0 m, jointed by coupling.
4) Magnetic ring for drilling (with steel arms for anchorage in the soil or embankment).
5) Suspension head is fitted with a target for to have a topographic datum point.

The measures are done by magnetic detector probe. When the probe point spike go inside the magnetic field of the ring, close the circuit and active an acustic and visual signal. The graduate cable allors locating and recording the position of the ring measured.


  • Cable length: 50 -100 m;
  • Temperature range: +40/+100°C;
  • Cable: cm


  • Bottom end: PVC, length 1000 mm, outer diameter 60 mm
  • Corrugated sheat: Polyethylene, outer diameter 55 mm
  • Acces tube: PVC, length 1.5-3.0 m, outer diameter 33 mm
  • Settlement ring: Internal diameter 60 mm, outer diameter 86 mm
  • Settlement plate: Internal diameter 60 mm, plate diameter 300 mm
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