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Miniprism with l-shaped bracket

Consists of a 25 mm diameter precision crystal, with black, powder-painted aluminium frame.
Ideal for all kinds of assembly, ensures maximum range (depending on the instrument used) up
to 2000 m.
With L-shaped rod for fixed installations, 10 mm diameter through hole on rod.
The offset of the prism depends on the position of the installation: if monitored using instrumentation in movable position the constant to be used is + 17.5 mm, while in fixed station on pillar the constant to be used is + 9.1 mm.


  • reflecting quartz: dimension 25 mm;
  • precision: 3”;
  • quartz colour: copper;
  • frame material: made of powder-painted aluminum;
  • maximum range: up to 500 m (depends on instrument used);
  • wall mounting: using 8 mm diameter bolts.
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