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Miniprism with oblique frame

Consists of a white coloured, 25 mm diameter reflecting quartz fitted on glossy/anodised aluminium frame.

Structure, consisting of a removable adjustable oblique cap for protection from the sun rays, rain, snow, fitted on U-shaped adjustable bracket.

Ideal for installation in urban areas (thanks to its special shape, it adapts perfectly) and designed for use in automatic monitoring systems with robotic stations for periodic measurements.

Offset +17.5 mm (the orientation of the miniprism must remain fixed after installation).


  • reflecting quartz: dimension 25 mm;
  • precision: 3”;
  • quartz colour: white;
  • frame material: glossy/anodised aluminium;
  • maximum range: up to 500 m (depends on instrument used);
  • fixing: 42×40 mm fixing plate, with 6 mm central hole and 3 mm diameter corner holes.
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