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Portable data acquisition unit

The integrated high resolution unit (24 bit sampling and dynamic > 130 db) with 3 or 6 channels can operate as vibrational or seismic/microseismic data acquisition unit in compliance with applicable international regulations DIN4150-3, DIN45669-1 and UNI9916. Its typical application is for vibrational monitoring of civil and industrial structures such as bridges, viaducts, bell towers, chimneys and structures in general, for control of movements induced by seismic events, either natural or caused by explosions, during excavation or slope trimming and for seismic characterization of sites.

Its high resolution makes this data acquisition unit suitable for micro-seismic applications or as a strong motion data acquisition unit. It consists of a data acquisition module combined with interface hardware, protection and internal power supply with rechargeable battery. Housed in shockproof plastic case with degree of protection IP67. Input and output connections through IP67 connectors from panel. The unit comes with manuals, EdaxSoft configuration and communication package and VIBROSOFT data display and processing software package. The data acquisition unit digitizes incoming signals and formats them to be stored in an internal Compact Flash or directly on a computer. Via modem GSM-GPRS or Ethernet network, summary data and signals can be transferred to a remote central unit. In addition to recording the signal in case of an event, the unit records the minimum and maximum values of every channel in a non-volatile memory buffer. The unit is configured for 3 or 6 channels and is therefore able to acquire up to 6 mono-axial accelerometers or 2 triaxial accelerometer triads in 6.SD version . Time reference is synchronized via internal GPS

receiver. The sampling of each data acquisition unit is synchronized on the GPS satellite network, giving absolute accuracy and simultaneous sampling and synchronization of all the data acquisition units without the need for connections.


  • Converter Type: CRISTAL 24 bit sigma-delta for each channel;
  • Dynamic and consumption: dynamic >130 dB – consumption 2.5 W;
  • Number of UAR channels: 3 channels. Differential Inputs with surge protection;
  • Full scale: Conversion: 0.32 – 3.2 – 8 – 16 – 32 Volt PP. Usable:0.2 – 2 – 5 – 10 – 20 Volt PP;
  • Conversion rate: 31.25 – 50 – 62.5 – 100 – 125 – 200 – 250 – 400 – 500 Hz. Software selectable;
  • Corresponding passband: 12.9 – 20.5 – 25.7 – 41.5 – 51.5 – 83 – 102.9 – 164 – 205.9 Hz;
  • Anti-Aliasing Filter : FIR digital filter. Attenuation at Nyquist frequency (1/2 sampling frequency) -130 dB;
  • Event storage: standard on Compact Flash memory card SanDisk 512Mb;
  • Pretrigger: up to 40,000 samples ( >100 sec 3 channels at 125Hz);
  • Recording parameters selected via software: posttrigger length, minimum and maximum length single recording. Sequence recording until available space full or circular;
  • Channel trigger: Sta/Lta Threshold/STA, independent threshold for each channel. STA/LTA mode with separate TRIGGER/DETRIGGER RATIO and partial LTA lock during event;
  • Trigger filters: Butterworth type 6 dB/octave type High pass, low pass or passband, selectable in fixed steps via software;
  • Station trigger: separate trigger/detrigger threshold sum of the weights of the single channels;
  • Time reference: absolute internal time synchronization and sampling linked to reference from GPS satellite network, internal receiver, external antenna with 3 metre cable;
  • Synchronized network of acquisition units: synchronized sampling by GPS satellite network Recording trigger synchronized via connection cable;
  • Additional Measures: supply voltage, internal temperature and two external sensors;
  • Transmission formats: communication protocols for alerts via SMS, downloading of events via analog modem or ISDN, ADSL, GSM, GPRS, via the Internet/LAN, also Wireless (optional);
  • Interface: serial RS232 or Ethernet . Modem GSM Siemens MC35 (optional);
  • Power supply: internal battery 7Ah, autonomous operation time 12 hours (without GSM modem). Mains Power Supply 110/220Vac via battery charger/power supply unit included as standard;
  • Temperature: from –20 to 70 °C;
  • Bundled software: EDAXSOFT software for connection and acquisition, parameter setting, event transfer, real time monitoring and storage of the acquired signal and display of station events. Automatic text message alert program, data downloading via modem also GSM, GPRS or via Internet on LAN network. Standard program for event aggregation and conversion in SEISAN, ASCII, and ISMES-PRAXSOFT format.
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