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Portable tiltmeter

The Tiltmeter (portable clinometer) measure the inclination of horizontal or vertical surfaces. The tiltmeter is composed of a painted aluminum case for the tilt sensor with electrolytic technology mounted on stainless steel structure.The mechanics of the instrument allows a perfect positioning of the same on the measuring plate which is anchored to the surface to be measured directly.

For the execution of the measures the tiltmeter is placed on the measuring plate. The measures are obtained in the two directions orthogonal to each other simply by rotating the instrument of 90°. Some systematic errors of the instrument or assembly errors of the measuring plate are eliminated by performing conjugate measures, that is turning the instrument 180° for each measuring axis.

The installation takes place with the fixing of that supports the sensing plate on the structure to be monitored. The measuring plate, is provided with centering balls for the perfect positioning of the instrument. The reading takes place via the positioning of the instrument on the spigots.

The Tiltmeter is used to monitor the rotation with manual measurements of structures such as buildings, walls of containment. in particular it can be used in the following situations:

  • damaged buildings monitoring by landslides or earthquakes;
  • rotation of diaphragms control in phase of excavations;
  • retaining walls, bridges and docks;
  • towers, bell towers.


  • Type of sensor: biaxial electrolytic;
  • Measuring range: +/- 10°;
  • Accuracy: 0.01 % F.S.;
  • Power supply: 5 V DC;
  • Output: from -2.5 to 2.5 V CC;
  • Operating temperature: from -40°C to +85°C;
  • Material: structure in stainless steel and tiltmeter case in painted aluminum;
  • type of installation: horizontal and vertical;
  • Protection class: IP 66.


Tiltmeter (structure) dimensions L/l/h (mm) 150x90x150
weight (kg) 5,5
Tilt plate dimensions L/l/h (mm) 142 x 62 x 24
shape circular
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