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Radar level sensor

The sensor for water level measurement, series VEGAplus is constituted by a transducer for microwave K-band housed in a resin body to IP67/68 protection.
It is an ideal sensor for all applications of water level measurement in open field or in stilling wells, thanks to the narrow beam of microwave beam.
Accurate and reliable maintenance-free.
Available with standard electrical output (voltage or current).
The measurement is done by issuing a series of microwave pulses and detecting the time between their release and their return echo, this value is processed by the sensor.
Vega sensor has an analog output 4 ÷ 20mA easily acquired by a data logger.
The low consumption (<21mA) and the degree of protection of the sensor, make it an ideal instrument for hydrological stations and systems for level measurement in fresh or salt water also without maintenance, remote stations for water supplies and sewerage systems (level tank), or in other applications even in rough conditions.
The technology and design features allow installation outside of the vertical angle.


  • Type of sensor: Radar <25 Ghz;
  • Typical range: 0-20,000 mm;
  • Sensibility: 1 mm;
  • Accuracy: 0,01% F.S. 20°C;
  • Response time: <1second;
  • Signal Output:4-20 mA;
  • Power supply: 10,8-30 VDC;
  • Power consumption: <0,8 W;
  • Working conditions: -40 to 80°C;
  • Box: IP 66;
  • Weight: 350 gr.


  • Total height: 285 mm
  • Total width: 150 mm
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