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3D velocimeter, class 1, for vibration measurements in conformity with DIN4150-3, DIN45669-1, UNI9916 and UNI9614.

It consist of an electronically linearized geophone triad, with dynamic > 130 dB. Produced in two versions for vertical or horizontal applications and in triaxial, biaxial and uniaxial versions. It is housed in a sturdy metal case (IP65), and is equipped with adjustable feet and bubble control. The sophisticated internal electronics manages the programmable test sent by the data acquisition unit for constant guarantee of efficiency.


  • Model 3D (2D, 1D optional);
  • Operating principle electronically equalized geophone;
  • Number of axes: 3 orthogonally oriented;
  • Frequency range: selectable, 1-80 Hz or 1-315 Hz;
  • Dynamic range: > 130 dB;
  • Measuring range: +/-125 mm/s o +/- 12,5 mm/s;
  • Sensitivity: selectable, 40/V/m/s or 400 V/m/S;
  • Spectrum noise; 3,5 nm/s, 55 nm/s;
  • Linearity: +/-0,4 dB (class 1-DIN 45699-1);
  • Phase: according to class 1-DIN 45699-1);
  • Supply voltage; 10 to 18 Vdc;
  • Output impedance: >50 Ohms;
  • Power consumption: 240 mW;
  • Temperature Range: -20 °C to +60°C;
  • Output Voltage: differential, +/- 5V;
  • Protection class IP65


  • Weight: 1.6 Kg
  • Dimensions: 150 mm x 75 mm x 100 h
  • Case material: anodized alluminium
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