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Short stroke wire crack meter

The wire extensometer is constituted by a rotary precision potentiometer operated by winding or unwinding a stainless steel wire, tensioned through the use of a spring.
Any movement of the wire anchoring point results in a variation of electrical signal proportional to anchor displacement itself.
Available in three F.S.: 50, 100, 200 mm in function of the degree of displacement which is to be measured.
Used for structural joints fit, cracks and construction joints.


  • Type of sensor: rotative potentiometer;
  • Linearity: +/- 0,25 % F.S.;
  • Resolution: virtually infinite;
  • Output signal: 0-10 V DC;
  • Measuring range: 50/100/200/900 mm;
  • Electrical power supply: +10…30 VDC;
  • Protection class: IP 54;
  • Operating temperature:-10°/+70°C;
  • Wire: nylon coated stainless steel AISI 316;
  • Material case: PBT;
  • Wire tension: 2,4 N (+/- 30%).


  • dimension case mm: 48x48x49
  • wire diameter mm: 0,85
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