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Water level meter

The level probe or phreatimeter is used for the measurement of the groundwater level inside open tube piezometers, Casagrande piezometers, irrigation wells, for the measurement of the hydrometric level in canals, lakes and reservoirs.
Consisting of a plastic roller mounted on a steel frame. The graduated signal cable is wound on the roller which can have a round or flat section at the end of which is mounted a stainless steel tip.
When the tip is contacted with water, the electrical circuit is closed and an acoustic and luminous signal is activated, indicating the water level on the graduated cable.
Easily transportable via an ergonomic handle. Battery powered 9 V.


  • Indicator: acustic buzzer and visual led;
  • Sensibility: with handle;
  • Alimentation: 1 battery with 9 volt;
  • Reel: brake and probe holder;
  • Tip external diameter: 12 mm.
  • cable reel with plastic drum and steel frame;
  • drum diameter: 260 mm (30-50m), diam. 320 mm (100-150-200m).


Flat cable graduation divided into millimetres
conductors 2
outer sheath transparent polyethylene
dimensions 10×1 mm
available measurements 30-50-100-150-200-250-300 m
Round cable graduation divided into centimeter
conductors 2 + kevlar core
outer sheath transparent polyethylene
dimensions 4.7 mm O.D.
available measurements 30-50-100-150-200-250-300 m
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