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Weldable vibrating wire strain gauge

The vibrating wire strain gauge is widely used for measuring deformation in the metal structures to which it is fixed.

This instruments guarantees long-term accuracy and stability.

Thanks to the frequency signal, it is not affected by the length of the cable.

A thermistor for measuring the temperature is embeddeed in the instrument.

The vibrating wire strain gauge functions is the following way: a steel wire is held between 2 mounting blocks fixed to the surface being measured.

Any deformations in this surface will after the tension in the steel wire and, thus, the consequent resonant frequency.

When the wire is energized with an electrical input, an internal electromagnetic coil gauges the resonant frequency and, consequently, its tension, thereby measuring deformations in the body surface.
This instrument is used for the measuring strain in tunnel linings, steel struts and the reinforcing rods of foundation piles and partition structures.


  • Type of transducer: vibrating wire;
  • Nominal measuring range: 3000 me;
  • Sensitivity: 1 me;
  • Accuracy: <0.5% F.S.;
  • Non linearity: better than 0,5% F.S.;
  • Temperature range: from -20°C to +80°C;
  • Integrated temperature sensor: NTC 3 KW;
  • Output signal: Hz;
  • Typical frequency: 800 Hz;
  • Operating range: from 500 to 1100 Hz;
  • Thermal expansion coefficent: 12,2 me/°C.


  • body lenght (A): 23 mm
  • body diameter (B): 21 mm
  • total length of gauge (C): 165 mm
  • diameter of mounting block (D): 16 mm
  • thickness of mounting block (E): 22 mm
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