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Wind speed sensor

First Class anemometers with very high precision, manufactured to meet the strictest standards for measuring the wind as the IEC61400-12 for eolic monitoring. They are high performance instruments, certificates MeasNet, made in metal with high quality materials to ensure reliability and durability, allowing you to maintain over time the initial characteristics of sensitivity and precision. They areconform to WMO norms (World Meteorological Organization) and to EN 15518-3:2011 norm. Available with different signal outputs, normalized voltage or current 0÷2Vdc, 4÷20mA or low consumption (<5W).
The sensor is a typically reel of Robinson cups anemometer. The air speed, hitting the cups, gives a rotation, proportional to its speed. The shape of the cups and the rotor has been designed for maximum linearity of the measure in function of wind speed, minimizing the friction and providing exceptional performances.


  • Type of sensore: 3 cups (Robinson reel) with magnetic transducer;
  • Typical range: 0,28-50 m/s up to 100 m/s;
  • Threshold: stopping 0,1 m/s; starting <0,3 m/s;
  • Accuracy: <0,1m/s (0,4-30 m/s)….<+/-1% v.m. (>30 m/s);
  • Signal Output: 0-2 VDC, 4-20 mA;
  • Power supply: 10,8-30 VDC;
  • Power consumption: <0,1 W;
  • Working conditions: -10 to +70°C. Blasts 0-100 m/s;
  • Made of: aluminum body;
  • Weight: 390 gr.


  • Total height: 300 mm
  • Total width: 250 mm
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