Earth System is a design, production and marketing company in the field of instrumentation, data loggers and software for geotechnical applications.

Excellence and innovation define our business model, together with a strict selection of suppliers and the highest quality control in all our production processes.


From piezometers to inclinometers, from pressure cells to extensometers and load cells, crack meters, vibrating wire stain gauges, electric cables and accessories, data acquisition units, topographic accessories and dynamic instrumentation.


Discover the many complex and multifaceted projects by Earth System: from railway lines to highways, from motorway tunnels to electrical tunnels, from high speed railway lines to subway and railway junctions all over Italy… and abroad.


All products and solutions by Earth Systems are widely distributed all over the world: discover our partners and get in touch with the company closest to you in order to immediately receive consulting and quotes for your project.
Extensive experience, top-notch solutions



Earth System’s expansion in terms of high-quality products and innovative solutions for geological structural monitoring goes hand in hand with the constant development of our extensive network of national and international distributors.

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